Isn't it time to take your business productivity to the next level? 

Professional CNC machine tools, designed to perfectly meet your personal needs. 

Each machine tool is a special challenge for us. 

 With love for our object and with a complete understanding of your personal characteristics, we design and implement the machine that will meet the needs of your business.

The quality of construction, the choice of raw materials, the simplicity of handling, the friendly operating environment, the certified production processes, the time-tested resistance to the harshest industrial use, and last but not least, the most competitive price you have imagined, are the main ingredients that make up the uniqueness of the Brand Name,

 "Hellenic Robotics".



Contact us to design from scratch the machine tool that perfectly suits your business needs.

....... at the most affordable price you've ever imagined!

It's time to get the CNC that will take your business off the ground 

Specialized Manufacturers of Robotic CNC Machine Tools 

  • CNC Laser Fiber or CO2
  • CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machines
  • CNC Routers for various materials 

With more than 30 years of experience, we present to you a range of rugged machines, tested in the industry under particularly harsh and adverse conditions, ready to fully cover even the most demanding manufacturers.

We are here for you 

--  SUPPORT  --

Hellenic Robotics' technicians with excellent technical training, provide our customers with high quality "after sale service". 

Professional service 


Human resources, with many years of specialization in robotic industrial machine tools, constitute the most important capital of Hellenic Robotics.

Specialized staff 


Our highly specialized staff is at your disposal, to understand the needs of your business, in order to choose, or to build together, the machine that meets your requirements, at the most affordable price you have imagined. 

Satisfied customers 


Friendly and humane communication, willingness to understand your personal needs, are the main comparative advantages that rank Hellenic Robotics among the leading companies in the industry with hundreds of completely satisfied customers. 

Reliable machines 


The large number of our machines, which work and produce non-stop, in demanding production processes, are for us the ultimate reward.

Professional design 


Let's analyze together the requirements of your business, in order to create from the beginning, the machine that will completely cover the needs of your production.