Our vision... 

Hellenic Robotics is not yet another importing company, or an exclusive representative of some faceless foreign house. We are a Greek technology company, made up of executives with absolute scientific competence.

A selected group of collaborators, with a passion for applied innovation, dedicated commitment to research, with a thorough creative point of view and an unparalleled design aesthetic, produce work that not only doesn't have to envy the creations of famous houses abroad, but in every case demonstrates cutting-edge applied know-how consequently, in a series of robotic machine tools, aimed at large-scale industrial, craft or even individual enterprises in Greece and abroad.

Subjecting our machines to harsh production process conditions, often in extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, industrial parasitic noises, combined with the application of innovative electronic circuits and the development of user-friendly software, impress even the most demanding operators.

Looking to the future with great optimism, the development team of innovative methods and processes, works every day to offer solutions in the most specialized sectors of primary production, with high quality raw materials, at the most competitive prices in the world market.  

Computerized Numerical Control

Cutting-edge technology more affordable than ever!